Design Guide and Engineer’s Reference for Metal Belts

Our team of engineering experts have compiled this Design Guide to help address your design considerations and other questions about PureSteel® metal belts, that may benefit your automated assembly line or manufacturing application. The Design Guide offers design resources and other relevant information in the following areas:


  • Why Consider Metal Belts for Your Application?
    • Stainless steel belts are often chosen for their durability, resistance to corrosion, smooth operation and more. Learn about the benefits of our PureSteel® products to uncover the ways they could improve your product throughput or quality.
  • Metal Belts and Drive Tapes
    • Metal belts are endless; drive tapes are open-ended. Learn more about the similarities and differences between the two, and the versatile applications of each.
  • Pulleys
    • Learn about our pulley types, ranging from more basic friction drive pulley, to timing pulleys. With an array of material types and other, enhanced features, there is a solution to meet your needs.
  • Surface Treatments
    • Teflon®. Hard Coat Anodization. These are just a few of our available surface treatment options. Learn more about coating, plating, laminating and bonding and how surface treatments can benefit material handling.
  • Design Considerations
    • Our machine design literature outlines best practices and design considerations for you to implement in your facility.
  • Belt Life
    • More durable than fabric, rubber or PVC alternatives, PureSteel® stainless steel belts are long-lasting and a sound choice for even the most demanding production operations.
  • Metal Belt Materials (Appendix)

We hope this information helps you understand the many benefits of metal belts and gives you the knowledge you need to specify metal belts with confidence.